overview of python on linux - review

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overview of python on linux - review

Post by appinv » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:36 am

python is a cross-platform language, meaning it makes it possible to have more or less the same scripting experience using core language features minus some os-specific handles, across OSes

however, linux stands out as compared with let us say windows.
linux has always been a great supporter of python, many distributions ship with python pre-installed

however, the real point is the C language. Python was built on top of C, it can be embedded in c and cpp codes (or vice-versa via Cython). Many packages use C-based optimisations for speed like numpy etc. And ... C is the natural language of Linux and git is the natural vcs of linux. Compiling packages from source as well as contributing to libs is far easier.

it is to be noted that you'll find much more good-looking, colourised cli packages for linux than windows

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