What is a VPN

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What is a VPN

Post by yasirmx » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:02 am

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VPN short for Virtual Private Network enables you to connect to a network or subnet via a tool like Open VPN by using credentials which the VPN provider has given you.

When you connect to a VPN, your ISP cannot identify your traffic as it is routed by the VPN network. The latter however sees everything which you do. It is very important to choose your VPN provider as your traffic data might be sold to third parties for advertisements or for studying your behaviors online.

The use of VPN is very common among users across the globe as some people try to stay anonymous and some organizations enable their staff to work from home while being connected to its private network.

Online anonymity is not guaranteed by a VPN as some providers use your data for other purposes. Therefore it is a must for you to read and understand a provider's policy and also check its reputation online.

VPN providers who offer a free service provide a slow service. Therefore you should weigh the advantages and downsides when going for a free VPN subscription. You should also pay attention to a country's legislation as some countries like UAE forbid the use of VPN. You could be jailed!!

If you want to stay anonymous, your browsing habit should be changed. A good browser which alerts you regarding websites which are trying to record your browsing habits is Tor which is free.

List of some free VPN providers:


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I would check for the following before subscribing to a VPN's service:
- Since when the company is present
- Rules and Regulations
- Rank of the company
- Price
- Location
- Number of users being connected at once

Happy VPN'ing!

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